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King Rich Virgin Hair is one of a kind in every way; we specialize in Optimum High Quality Virgin Hair that lasts years. We concentrate on providing Elite Virgin Hair at a low cost by providing every kind of virgin hair for clients that are on a budget and clients that are simply “King Rich”. This means cutting out the middle man and flying directly to the source of cuticle intact temple hair. King Rich Stands for being strong, united and wealthy both in the soul, spiritually and physically. As many of our clients know and you will as a potential client; is that we treat all of our clients like family. We spend time with each client and answer every question diligently and effectively. King Rich sources virgin hair from all around the world, such as The Philippines, Asia, India, Brazil, Italy, Russia and many other locations. Our Virgin Hair is Silky, Soft, Versatile and long lasting. We provide efficiency in our products. Which allows you to have confidence in your hair and appearance. King Rich Virgin Hair is by far the most elite, exclusive and leading retail and wholesale hair company in Maryland, D.C. New York, New Orleans, South Carolina, Nigeria, UK and Many other cities and Countries.

KingRichVirginHair also gives advice on how to take care of virgin hair and natural hair. We also give one on one quotes on what kind of virgin hair is good for you according to your budget and the longevity of hair life you are looking for.  In order to assist every client and ensure that all women are beautiful and to reduce the stress of returning to the hair store every 2 weeks, KingRichVirginHair now has included, Mid Grade Virgin Hair, Remi Hair, Hair care products and eyelashes.  This applies to clients who consistently buy store bought pack hair, whether it is Premium too, Premium now, Milky Way, Remy or other kinds that cost them to spend 60 to 200 dollars every month on continuously re-buying hair that only last 2 weeks to a month. We now have virgin hair for clients that are on a budget who don’t want to spend 250 to 350 dollars on Elite Celebrity worn KingRichVirginHair. This is hair that will last up to 3 months that can be bleached, dyed to any color and only costs 180 dollars for 3 bundles up to 30 inch!!! We always have something new to satisfy every client and this is one of them! We are also a one stop shop. We have virgin hair and natural hair experts that specialize in the growth of natural hair underneath hair extensions and without hair extensions. This means providing organic hair serums derived from natural extracts to inhibit long luxurious hair growth as well as shampoo, conditioners, mega hair growth hair oil and other implements, cosmetics and products to bring out the beauty inside of all our already gorgeous clients. Thank You for shopping KingRichVirginHair and remember your wish is our command.