100% Raw Virgin 13 x 5″ Silk Frontal (Layaway)


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Layaway Specifications:

Now be able to start your Silk frontal deal by just putting $15 down within 9 months. Your original price will be the price scratched out and your layaway price will be the sale price.  Every time you come to order your account adds up the number of payments you have made! Want to make double payments? Just add this product to your cart twice! Do the same to triple your payments! It’s that simple and easy! Once your last payment is paid you receive an automatic email with your order processed information, with your ship out date and tracking number in your next email.   King Rich is the most super affordable hair company for high quality virgin hair, why? Because we think about our clients first! Shop today and begin your new hair layaway order.

Silk Frontals are the new trend in keeping your natural hair intact, while making your hair line look extremely natural and beautiful. We carry 13 x 5 inches and customized 13 x 6 inches which gives you the most natural look possible. Silk frontals can be very effective for individuals without edges because it gives the illusion of a natural hair line and edges. It is very versatile and unique for styling. Please Note** Silk frontals are custom made and take an extra 2 weeks to process with orders.

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8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24"


Straight, BodyWave, LooseWave, Curly, DeepWave, Exotic Natural Wave


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