100% Raw Virgin Temple BodyWave Hair

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Raw Virgin Temple BodyWave hair is very notorious, everyone loves this wave pattern! Get Celebrity Virgin hair without paying celebrity prices


100% Raw Virgin Temple Hair

Last for up to 3 years or longer

NO Odor

Smells amazing

No Tangling

No Shedding

Double Wefted

Soft and Luxurious

Maximum versatility can be:

Bleached to Maximum Lift

Changed to any color desired


Curled and straightened to maximum heat

Additional information

Weight N/A

8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 22", 24", 26", 28", 30", 32", 34", 36", 38", 40", 42"


Raw Indian, Raw Malaysian, Raw Filipino, Raw Peruvian, Raw Cambodian, Raw Eurasian

21 reviews for 100% Raw Virgin Temple BodyWave Hair

  1. Iesha Carter

    Thank you guys so much, I ordered my hair on May 1st and recieved it yesterday May 4th. The hair is so soft and smells great. Thank you, I will definitely be back.

  2. Tia Wilson

    Your customer service is amazing! I’m glad the site is finally up now I can tell my girls to come online and order. Keep up the good work guys, you all are one of a kind.

  3. Mya Johnson

    I ordered 2 Bundles along with a frontal, this hair is so soft and easy to curl, I will definitely be returning!

  4. Janette

    Hey I heard that you guys are going completely online serviced, will we still be able to reach someone to talk too or no because we really love speaking to you all! You guys are amazing in customer service and the quality of your hair is so good, I have been ordering hair from you all for 5 years now, please do not change any services you guys are amazing just the way you are!

  5. Lamya Thomas

    I love this hair so much, this is my 4th purchase and i’m still loving it.

  6. Harriette Abutala

    This hair is one of my top choices, I usually order the Malaysian Body wave and I love it, I’ve referred all my friends and they all like the hair too.

  7. Lanora Scott

    Good Hair Quality, what is the the wholesale ordering process? I still have my bundles from last October and their still bouncing back from that serum you all gave me, I would like to order wholesale, how do I go about it, can you ladies please email me.

  8. Tami Rodriguez

    I am Dominican and African American, my hair used to be very long but I bleached it a few months ago and didnt know the levels to use which caused 80% of my hair to fall out You ladies made me a custom unit and it is so beautiful, I saw so many online but they all wanted like 1,100 for one and that was just too much for me, the fact that I could tell you ladies my story and you made the wig for me at no cost shows that there is still humanity in this world and I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Thank you all so much! The hair is amazing by the way! I can’t say thank you enough.

  9. Havanna George

    When I first ordered from this company, I didn’t know they were based in Baltimore, I live in Toronto, Canada and I’m so used to hearing news from all over, especially about this particular city, I thought all negative things about Baltimore But you ladies totally changed my mind completely. I order online all the time and ask a lot of questions, I swear I know I annoyed this one girl so bad because I just had question after question but no matter what she was so sweet and polite. Just the fact that I spoke to someone was good but the fact that you all are knowledgeable and so accommodating made me give you guys 5 stars, I even commented on this Youtube video I saw, you girls are different and sweet, keep up the good work. Oh and l love the hair. I just had to say the customer service blew me away more than anything.

  10. Tyanna Lewis

    Just received my order today and this hair feels so soft, I cant wait to install it.

  11. Kim lashields

    I still have my hair and I love it. I will be ordering again soon.

  12. SIERRA

    This is my favorite texture. Ive had it for over 2 years, it schrunk a little bit but its still nice and soft and holds a good curl.

  13. Shannon Jones

    This is the only hair I wear. You ladies are the best!

  14. Margaret Enjoku

    I would like to try this texture too. Please email me wholesale prices. I really enjoy your hair.

  15. Shany Tillen

    When is the next big sale? I shopped your black friday sale last year.

    • King Rich Virgin Hair Specialist

      Valentines Day Dear.

  16. Ashley Mayberry

    I love this hair, Its really soft, I still reuse my old bundles from 2 years ago! I love yaull hair.

  17. Janya Thomas

    The Malaysian Hair is the Best. My coworker referred me to you guys and I made sure I didn’t order until I seen how long hers lasted (No offense) but I just wanted to make sure I got my moneys worth. Hers lasted for over a year and then she got another bundle from you all so I decided to get mines and I really do love it. This hair is so soft and It holds a curl so well, I can keep it in for longer than a week and a half. I never did a review before but I did it based on the sweet young lady I spoke too, the customer service is amazing because nowadays no one cares about that.

  18. Marisha Lacey

    This is my 3rd order and the hair is really good, I been was suppose to do a Youtube video on my channel but I haven’t had the chance, I will definitely do it before valentines day. I just decided to review it here because this is alot easier than cropping and editing lol but I really love the hair and the customer service. When I wash it it gets even better. I love the waves and how soft it is to curl and how long it lasts.

  19. Takeala Burris

    I ordered 2 Bundles of 32 inch 1 30inch, 1 28 and a 24. All of them were really full to the end which is what I’m not use too because I usually by my hair from another supplier in Baltimore but I just decided to try you guys out because yaull were the only one with long inches in stock and my co-worker gets hair from here all the time and I really like the hair so far. It’s been almost a month and I haven’t seen any crazy shedding or tangles, I will update my review in a couple of weeks but thanks for the fast delivery.

  20. Tasia White

    Thank You ladies for the free flat irons, I didn’t even know i got a gift for the new years. The bundles look really nice and soft. I haven’t installed it yet but I’m sure they will be great because a lot of the girls at my school wears yaull hair and it always looks good. I just wanted to say thank you because when I called earlier I heard the phones ringing off the hook so I figured I come on here and say Thank You.

  21. Jada Thomas

    It’s been 3 years since I bought hair from you guys. The quality is still amazing. Best hair company hands down. I can’t wait to try the lashes I’m sure their the best too.

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